If you haven’t already worked it out, my name is Pippa and I like to bake.

This is the place where I indulge in two of my favourite things: words and sugar. If the phrase “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” has ever passed your lips in anything more than jest, I recommend you hit the back button.

I started baking as a child with my Grandma (fruit scones and parkin) and my Mum (Hamlyn flapjacks and Delia’s all-in-one) and taught myself the rest, along with the help of some lovely tasters in London and Leeds. I’m also a journo by trade – you’ll find me writing for The Independent and Women’s Health magazine (oh, the irony) and sub-editing at The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine.

Everything I bake, I owe to my KitchenAid, my Amazon cookbook habit and my gem of a Mother, who puts up with the constant sheen of icing sugar that covers our kitchen. Oh, and a massive thank you to the wonderful Art by Alice for my blog branding.

Pippa, 1994

This is me, circa 1994, enjoying a good freshly baked loaf